mardi 6 octobre 2009


  1. Guts, And The Living Is Easy

  2. Quetzal Feat Marie M, El Sol

  3. Onra, Come Closer

  4. Souleance, Cool FM

  5. The Kinks, Dead End Street

  6. Music Go Music, I Walk Alone

  7. Florence And The Machine, Kiss With A Fist

  8. Katsen, Where Nobody Can Find Us

  9. Ladytron, Play Girl

  10. Yes Giantess, Tuff N Stuff

  11. Siriusmo, Gummiband

  12. Johnny Cash Feat Wu Tang Clan, J.C.R.E.A.M (Bootleg)

  13. Anti-Pop Consortium, Volcano

  14. Mos Def, Supermagic

  15. Skyzoo, The Beautiful Decay

  16. Crazy Cousinz Feat Kyla, Do You Mind

  17. Riva Starr, Rockafella Skunk

  18. Jokers Of The Scene, Baggy Bottom Boys

  19. The Japanese Popstars, The Smile

  20. Vitalic, Second Lives

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