vendredi 27 novembre 2009


  1. Hindi Zahra, Beautiful Tango

  2. Wallis Bird, Just Can't Get Enough (Cover)

  3. Maceo Parker & Fred Wesley - House Party

  4. Johnny Clarke, Live In The Studio

  5. Pupajim, Eh George

  6. Caravan Palace, Star Scat

  7. Le Peuple De L'Herbe, Mr Nice

  8. Eva Be & Joe Dukie, No Memory Of Time

  9. Natural Self, In The Morning

  10. Headnodic Feat The Procussions, The Drive

  11. Wildchild, Wonder Years

  12. Giggs Feat The Streets, Slow Songs

  13. The Nextmen Feat Dynamite Mc, Round Of Applause

  14. Blakroc (RZA), Tellin' Me Things

  15. Expression Direkt Feat Big Red, 78

  16. Akhenaton Feat Bruizza, Ancient Scriptures

  17. Blackalicious, Excellent

  18. Rza Feat Ghostface Killah & Saïan Supa Crew, Saïan

  19. Jungle Brothers, Jungle Brothers (Aphrodite remix)

  20. Rjd2, Here's What's Left

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