mercredi 10 mars 2010


  1. Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington, It Don't Mean a Thing

  2. Bomb the Bass, Up The Mountain

  3. Florence The Machine, Dog Days Are Over

  4. Two Door Cinema Club, I Can Talk

  5. Belleruche, Anything You Want

  6. Nneka, Focus

  7. Ben l'Oncle Soul, Barbie girl

  8. Notorious B.I.G, Sky's The Limit

  9. Brother Ali, The Travelers

  10. Busta Flex, HipHop Forever

  11. Nas, Can't Forget About You

  12. Aceyalone Feat Treasure Davis, Can't Hold Back

  13. Swollen Members, Lady Venom

  14. Beat Torrent, Batman

  15. Uffie, First Love

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