mercredi 17 mars 2010


  1. B.o.B, The Rain

  2. Broken Bells, The High Road

  3. The Black Keys Feat Intuition, Psychotic Girl

  4. Rubin Steiner, Your life Is like Twist And Shout

  5. Nuru Kane & Baye Fall Gnawa, Sigil

  6. Zort, Mambo Poa Martino

  7. Raggasonic, Rude Boy

  8. Damian Marley Feat Nas, Road to Zion

  9. Lone Catalysts, Renaissance

  10. Shafiq Husayn Feat Fatima, Lil' Girl

  11. OK Go, This Too Shall Pass

  12. Gabin Feat Nadeah Miranda, Wicked

  13. Beat Torrent, Whole Lotta Love (revisited version)

  14. Parov Stelar Band, Homesick & Fleur de Lille (Live)

  15. Crookers, What Up Y'all

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