mercredi 14 avril 2010


  1. Oxmo Puccino & The Jazz Bastards, Où est Billie
  2. Red Astaire feat Erika Badhu, Rolling Stone
  3. Gizelle Smith, June (TM Juke remix)
  4. Koop, Come To Me
  5. Waxolutionists feat Blade, Get The Picture
  6. N.A.S.A, The People Tree
  7. Jay Electronica, So What You Saying
  8. Mos Dub, Johnny Too Beef
  9. Ooutkast, B.O.B
  10. Mike Rigler, Midnight Rendez-vous
  11. Sunday Girl, Four Floors
  12. Florence + The Machine, You've Got The Love (The XX remix)
  13. Curry and Coco, Smoke
  14. Soldout, I Can't Wait
  15. AG Trio, Dancen

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