mardi 7 décembre 2010


  1. Lalo Guerrero, Marijuana Boogie
  2. Eels, That Look You Give That Guy
  3. The Whitest Boy Alive, 1517
  4. Tokyo Police Club, Favourite Colour
  5. K-Os feat. Sebastien Grainger, Blackwater
  6. Rakim, When I Be On The Mic
  7. Soul Square feat. Blezz, Trippin'
  8. XV, Fall Out The Sky
  9. Lupe Fiasco, Hurt Me Soul
  10. Chris Young & Shwayze, All A Dream
  11. Roland Schwarz feat. Markus Ecklmayr, The Crunch
  12. Mike Rigler, Midnight Rendezvous (Club mix)
  13. Parov Stelar, Baska Brother
  14. Coolshop, Trumpet Girl (Juan Magan remix)
  15. Kaya Project, Ghasi Ram Blues

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